We have 2 stairlift options. Stairlift for straight staircases and stairlift for curved staircases.

Below we show you 2 videos of both stairlifts. Please click on the one most suitable for your situation.

Further below we have a few pictures of the different staircase solutions for quick reference. Once you know your type of staircase you can call us for a quotation.

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Curved Stairlift Straight Stairlift
Curved Stairlift Straight Stairlift

What is a straight staircase? It is a straight staircase with no landing in the middle of the steps; all steps are in one line. If you would take a straight bar and lay it down on all the steps of the staircase, it should touch all the steps (within a few cm margin). Click here to go to an example of a straight staircase lift.

A curved staircase is when it is NOT a straight staircase. Therefore the lift for a straight staircase is a separate model. Any other model is for a curved staircase. A lift for curved staircases is completely customised. A lift for the straight staircase is cut at length when the installation is done. It is much faster to deliver and install.

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