How to get a fast quotation?

A quotation for a customized product like a stairlift is not easily done. But we have found a way to provide you a fast quotation. We can speed up the time needed to provide you with a quotation. We need to find out what type of staircase you have (using the staircase selector below).

Then we send you the measurement instructions for your staircase, by email. You carry out the measurements and send it to us.

Then we can provide you an accurate quotation or proposal for your customised stairlift.

Staircase Selector

When you go upstairs does the staircase bends or turns to the right, left or does it goes straight?

Quotation for left turning staircase  Quotation for straight staircase  Quotation for right staircase

If you click on the left, right or straight button, you will see a series of drawings of various staircases. These are the top view of the staircases. Please look at the general image and dont look at the number of steps before a landing or after a landing. The number of steps will be asked in a later stage. Has your staircase a 90 degree bend (meaning it is an L-shape) to the left or right? Does your staircase makes a u-turn to the left or right? All you select by clicking on the correct image.

It will lead you to the staircase type you have. Then you fill in your details, and we will send you the measurement instructions for your staircase. Once we have these measurements we can provide you with a quotation within a few days.

Call us or CONTACT US and we will get back to you soonest.

Upstairs Team