Team Member 1:


Educated as an electrical engineer (Ir.) at one of the top universities of The Netherlands, Mr. Luke Balvers moved to Malaysia in the year 1995. Mr. Luke always has a good heart for his clients. He is now in charge of marketing stairlifts in Malaysia and Singapore.

Team Member 2:

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Ms. Lim started with us as an account executive, taking good care of the daily financials of the company. Now she made it to our top sales managers. She is a true asset to our company.

Team Member 3:


Mohd Shah, our chief stairlift installer and our maintenance man and as we call him is a man of his word. He started his work with us in 2002. He was known as a steady patience person, exactly what we needed to perform the maintenance for the various lifts. We believe he has the record of most installed stairlifts in Malaysia. Close to 200 units and still counting.

Team Member 4:


Ms. Angie has been with us for more than 9 year. She has studied marketing and business strategy at the University of Leeds in the UK. Most of our current clients consider Ms. Angie as a close friend, which makes us proud.

Team Member 5:

Mr Mak has been with us for 5 years now. He is a patience man with a great heart. No problem for him to drive at midnight to Johor Bahru in order to solve an issue for a client. Dedicated and very helpful.