Below we show some of our stairlift features. There are more features available, please contact us for more information.

Greater lifting capacity

Increase lifting capacity for stairlift

If the standard lifting capacity of 130 kg (TWO/PARALLEL) or 125 kg (ONE) is insufficient, you can consider the TWO XL. This stairlift has a lifting capacity of 150 kg.




Child stairlift

Does your child need lifting capacity a stairlift? Our Otolifts has many adjustments to ensure that this is as safe and comfortable as possible for your child. From baby seat to special seats and belts; many features are available.



Peak power needed


For churches, mosques or temples it can happen that you need extra battery power. The lift is then highly in use for a short period of time, for example when a meeting or session starts all visitors will have to be taken upstairs, and afterwards they will have  to be brought down. For this purpose we can add an additional battery pack. This is located at the back of the chair. Although it is twice the power, it typically gives you 75% more capacity. Ask our staff to add this in your quotation.



Stairlift Outdoor usage

stairlift outdoor

Do you have an outdoor staircase? No problem. Our straight stairlift is completely weatherproof for outdoor installation. If the stairs have a curve, a stairlift can also be fitted to these stairs provided that the seat has a dry parking place. The rail will then be made weatherproof completely.



Raised seat

Are you not able to fully bend your knee anymore? The seat can then be raised to ensure you are no longer troubled by your leg or knee hitting something.